Visualization and Ethernet Communication Problem for ROS Docker

asked 2020-03-01 09:06:37 -0600

Qinsheng gravatar image

I am trying to use ros docker to control robots. I encounter visualization and ethernet communication problem.

  1. I can visualize the windows from a container through running a bootstrap script inside containers, it is reported in this blog . Basically, it runs X windows system and windows manager inside the container. Then forward a port, vnc can be used to do visualization work.
  2. However, if following the above instructions, the ip of the container does not support communicating with the robot, ping fails to work. If we use shell docker run --network=host it supports the ethernet, and ping can find robots. But as it reports here, forwarding port does not work, which means I can not visualize the windows using the above method.

I am wonder whether or not I use ros docker properly.How can I use ros docker to communicate robots with supported visualization functions, such as rviz?

I am confused by the ros docker problem a lot. Docker is a great tool to do deployment work, but it seems not so convenient to use it for ros for now, or is there any detailed document I can learn more and use ros docker for doing robot development.?

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