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how stream theora topic [closed]

asked 2012-05-21 06:46:59 -0500

doxsi gravatar image

Hi all, I performing a teleoperating experiment via webcam vision and using the wireless channel to transport the date, so i am interested on using the theora data compression.

Using usb_cam_node, rostopic list command shows me the topic /usb_cam/image_raw/ and /usb_cam/image_raw/theora etc.

Using the the command:

rosrun image_view image_view image:/usb_cam/image_raw/, video is streaming but I am not able to undestand how view the theora topic: /usb_cam/image_raw/theora .

Anyone could help me?

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2 Answers

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answered 2012-05-21 07:01:53 -0500

derekjchow gravatar image

updated 2012-05-21 07:02:10 -0500

Try running rosrun image_view image_view image:=/usb_cam/image_raw _image_transport:=theora

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answered 2012-05-22 06:34:06 -0500

doxsi gravatar image

Thanx for your rapid answer. My problem is how use the data type of topic theora_image_transport/Packet.

In order to define a subscriber topic, how include .h I have to include?

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I'm assuming you are trying to publish theora compressed images. You don't publish compressed images directly. Instead, consider using image_transport

derekjchow gravatar image derekjchow  ( 2012-05-22 13:29:24 -0500 )edit

TX a lot!my fault was i did not include the theora dependece on my manifest. Now my remote node receive the topic /video, but something is wrong with the image_view. I use:"rosrun image_view image_view image:=/video theora "but topic video does not arrive to the image_view node (rxgraph).Any idea?

doxsi gravatar image doxsi  ( 2012-05-22 23:56:34 -0500 )edit

In my case the theora_image_transport give me an array of values (by the rostopic /thermal_image_view/theora". Do you know if it is possible to stream those values and somehow printed in an image in OpenCV? Thanks in advanced

RGCesar94 gravatar image RGCesar94  ( 2020-10-12 08:20:55 -0500 )edit

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