Problem while launching envi in gazebo

asked 2020-02-19 14:58:51 -0500

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I get an error while trying to run the following command roslaunch mybot_gazebo büro.launch

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- We resume the logic in empty_world.launch, changing only the name of the world to be launched -->
 <include file="$(find gazebo_ros)/launch/empty_world.launch">
    <arg name="world_name" value="$(find mybot_gazebo)/src/worlds/"/>
    <!-- more default parameters can be changed here -->
<param name="robot_description" command="xacro --inorder '$(find mybot_descriptions)/src/urdf/turtlebot3_nano_urdf.xacro'" />

<!-- Spawn a robot into Gazebo -->
<node name="spawn_urdf" pkg="gazebo_ros" type="spawn_model" args="-param robot_description -urdf -model turtlebot3_nano" />

This is what I get in the terminal window:

fsd@ubuntu:~$ roslaunch mybot_gazebo büro.launch 
... logging to /home/fsd/.ros/log/fa739096-5358-11ea-83e5-000c29ac3d84/roslaunch-ubuntu-27683.log
Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile.
Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.

started roslaunch server http://localhost:43567/


 * /robot_description: <?xml version="1....
 * /rosdistro: kinetic
 * /rosversion: 1.12.14
 * /use_sim_time: True

    gazebo (gazebo_ros/gzserver)
    gazebo_gui (gazebo_ros/gzclient)
    spawn_urdf (gazebo_ros/spawn_model)


process[gazebo-1]: started with pid [27704]
process[gazebo_gui-2]: started with pid [27709]
process[spawn_urdf-3]: started with pid [27714]
[ INFO] [1582145234.633496392]: Finished loading Gazebo ROS API Plugin.
[ INFO] [1582145234.640886000]: waitForService: Service [/gazebo/set_physics_properties] has not been advertised, waiting...
[ INFO] [1582145234.660926474]: Finished loading Gazebo ROS API Plugin.
[ INFO] [1582145234.662592343]: waitForService: Service [/gazebo/set_physics_properties] has not been advertised, waiting...
[ INFO] [1582145234.933423577, 162.147000000]: waitForService: Service [/gazebo/set_physics_properties] is now available.
[ INFO] [1582145234.974994371, 162.179000000]: Physics dynamic reconfigure ready.
[spawn_urdf-3] process has finished cleanly
log file: /home/fsd/.ros/log/fa739096-5358-11ea-83e5-000c29ac3d84/spawn_urdf-3*.log
[ INFO] [1582145235.582623332, 162.271000000]: waitForService: Service [/gazebo/set_physics_properties] is now available.
[ INFO] [1582145235.629225497, 162.317000000]: Physics dynamic reconfigure ready.
gzserver: /build/ogre-1.9-mqY1wq/ogre-1.9-1.9.0+dfsg1/OgreMain/src/OgreRenderSystem.cpp:546: virtual void Ogre::RenderSystem::setDepthBufferFor(Ogre::RenderTarget*): Assertion `bAttached && "A new DepthBuffer for a RenderTarget was created, but after creation" "it says it's incompatible with that RT"' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)
[gazebo-1] process has died [pid 27704, exit code 134, cmd /opt/ros/kinetic/lib/gazebo_ros/gzserver -e ode /home/fsd/turtlebot_ws/src/mybot_gazebo/src/worlds/ __name:=gazebo __log:=/home/fsd/.ros/log/fa739096-5358-11ea-83e5-000c29ac3d84/gazebo-1.log].
log file: /home/fsd/.ros/log/fa739096-5358-11ea-83e5-000c29ac3d84/gazebo-1*.log

Thank you :)

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Are you using a virtual machine environment?

That is error is thrown by the rendering component of Gazebo (OGRE) that is not fully compatible with virtual guests hosted with VMWare for instance. In fact, Gazebo is known to have several issues when using it in a VM.

On thing you can try is to change the VM settings. Try disabling the "Accelerate 3D graphics" option under Settings --> Display, the simulation will be slower but at least you will be able to load the gui client.

Weasfas gravatar image Weasfas  ( 2020-02-20 07:22:15 -0500 )edit

Yes, l‘m using VM. It works. Thank you 😊

dhaour9x gravatar image dhaour9x  ( 2020-02-20 11:52:44 -0500 )edit