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Disable odom tf in Fetch Robotics' base_controller

asked 2020-02-11 11:44:37 -0500

sritee gravatar image

updated 2020-02-11 13:32:03 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

I am using a simulated Fetch Robot in gazebo. At startup, it brings up a base controller of type "robot_controllers/DiffDriveBaseController".

How do I stop this from publishing odom tf? I am unable to find any source code for this controller type. I can remove the entire line which brings up this controller, but I want the base to be controlled.

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answered 2020-02-11 13:24:46 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

The first result in Google for DiffDriveBaseController leads me to fetchrobotics/robot_controllers.

This repository contains the source for the robot_controllers::DiffDriveBaseController class, which, as part of its initialisation, reads in a publish_tf ROS parameter (here).

There doesn't appear to be any documentation for this controller (the wiki page actually points to the API documentation, which doesn't mention any of this), so this is the best I can do.

If this is not sufficient, I would suggest to ask Fetch about this. They should know.

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publish_tf to false works

sritee gravatar image sritee  ( 2020-02-11 13:30:41 -0500 )edit

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