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teleop_twist_joy to control holonomic drive

asked 2020-01-24 21:08:20 -0600

viskar gravatar image

updated 2020-01-25 03:53:28 -0600

gvdhoorn gravatar image

Hello folks,

I am trying to use a PS3 controller as input device to control a holonomic drive. I changed the launch file to use the ps3-holonomic.config.yaml file.

<arg name="joy_config" default="ps3-holonomic" />

However, I cannot see the any input on /cmd_vel even if I have the right dead man button pressed. Does anyone have any idea/had success working with holonomic with teleop_twist_joy?

Alternatively, if I just want to use rosrun, how do I indicate to use the ps3-holonomic yaml rather than the default ps3 config?

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answered 2020-01-25 04:54:26 -0600

snowman gravatar image

I didn't use PS3 control my machine, but I used xbox joy to control it. Maybe and will be useful for you. I guess no joy could publish '/cmd_vel' directly. You need to subscribe topic from your joy( e.g sensor_msgs::Joy "joy" ). Good luck.

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