Are hyphens allowed in ROS 2 package names?

asked 2020-01-23 16:27:55 -0600

marguedas gravatar image

In ROS 1 they used to be forbidden but are now allowed ( and connected links)

In ROS 2 it used to be forbidden (for catkin/ament packages):

ament_package.exceptions.InvalidPackage: Invalid package manifest './src/foo/package.xml': Package name 'foo-bar' does not follow naming conventions

But seems to not be enforced since the switch to colcon/catkin_pkg:

root@76e629018ac5:/ws# colcon build
Starting >>> foo-bar 
Finished <<< foo-bar [1.41s]                  

Summary: 1 package finished [1.51s]

Does this mean dashes are now allowed in ROS 2 package names? If yes, is there any recommendations about using/not using them ?

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Not an answer (obviously), but: bah, dashes in package names. Note @Dirk Thomas' comment on the PR you reference:

I hope this won't be used for CMake packages often.

Agreed and I hope it won't be used for ROS packages either (neither ROS 1 nor ROS 2).

gvdhoorn gravatar imagegvdhoorn ( 2020-01-24 04:24:30 -0600 )edit