Esp32 External Interrupts for Encoder + ROS spinOnce() restarting.

asked 2020-01-17 12:01:19 -0600

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Hi i am working on a Mobile Robot ( 2 wheel diff-drive) the error is regarding the

  • ros:: SpinOnce()

Here is My code for main loop;

void loop()
  if(node.connected()){ = enc_value_L; // containing the left wheel encoder counts = enc_value_R; // containing the left wheel encoder counts
    Serial.print(enc_value_L);Serial.print("/");Serial.println(enc_value_R); // checking the values
    lwheel_pub.publish(&lwheel_msg); // publishing   
    node.spinOnce(); } // Here is the problem ( apparently ) 
                       // if I comment spinOnce() and use ESP32 simply -> no ERRORS 

error =

 Guru Meditaion error : Core 1 panicked ( interrupt wdt timeout on cpu1)


Without ros::spinOnce() which means without using Ros -> simple esp32 robot and checking results in serial monitor .Every thing works fine .. Encoders using interrupt keep running without restarting or Core Panick error.

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