Google Cartographer max speed for robot

asked 2020-01-15 13:29:29 -0600

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Hi, I'm trying to use Cartographer for an Arduino Chassis 4WD with a 2D Ydlidar X4 and ROS Kinetic. The thing is, the map seems to break (or multiply) a lot with fast movement, specially rotations. I've PWMed the motors, but the lowest I can go before torque isn't enough to move the car, is still very fast (there's a huge gap between moving and fully stopped). Is there a speed limitation (theorical o experimental) for the robot? I've seen videos with the same lidar implementation, but the robot seems to move really slow. My robot's speed is aprox 0,8m/s thank you

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There's no speed limitation due to the slam algorithm, only the quality of the data you're providing & processing power.

stevemacenski gravatar image stevemacenski  ( 2020-01-15 15:50:23 -0600 )edit