Importing STL or WRL file into gazebo [closed]

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Hi folks! I'm very new to Gazebo and I'm wondering what should I do to import this 3d model into it? As far as I understand, I have to import .DAE format, but I have .STL (or .WRL) unfortunately. What should I do in that case? So then I need to create a series of files that define the model - the model.conf, the model.sdf and the meshes directory where to put my .DAE file. Then I have to place those files in the ~/.gazebo/models directory in order to be able to use it in an sdf .world file. Am I going in the right direction or am I missing something?

Thanks for any help.

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While we make good use of Gazebo in ROS, the ROS community is not the main maintainer of it. That would be OR, and the Gazebo community has its own support forum:

Please post your question there.

If/when you do, please post a comment here with a link to your new question, so we can keep things connected.

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