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What depth sensors are best supported by ROS 2?

asked 2020-01-02 17:29:29 -0500

calvertdw gravatar image

I'm generally interested in depth sensors that are supported well by the later versions of ROS 2. We are trying to evaluate the high bandwidth/large data capabilities of ROS 2. Are there any sensors that are known to work well with ROS 2 Dashing or Eloquent?

I have come across the ZED stereo camera but it only supports up to Crystal and the developer claims it is some work to upgrade it. [1]

"Porting the ZED node to Dashing requires a lot of work since it introduced a lot of novelties."


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2 Answers

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answered 2020-01-03 17:36:32 -0500

calvertdw gravatar image

Intel has ROS 2 support for the RealSense devices:

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answered 2020-01-03 05:27:53 -0500

Disclaimer: I work for ifm

The ifm O3D303 and O3X industrial ToF cameras are supported in ROS2 dashing. I'm the maintainer and happy to help.

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