Controlling three omniwheels with dynamixel motors RX 64

asked 2019-12-26 05:00:05 -0600

Tomasoo gravatar image

Hello, I am completely new here and ROS. My task is to controll three dynamixel wheels robot via joystick. I want use package from user zweistein ( which includes dynamixel controller speed multi motor( So I would like to know all dependencies which i need to understand.

So i understand i need to have three nodes - one is joy node, which will get data from joystick and publish them to second node. Second node will subscribe to joy node, get data and convert them to speed for individual motors. This message should be somehow published to dynamixel node - there is my problem because i have no idea how to use that speed controller.

Can please somebody tell me, all dependencies,which i have to understand, to accomplish this task? Thank you.

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