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Fusing gmapping 2D map with 3D octomap

asked 2019-12-17 15:36:41 -0600

Robb gravatar image

I have created a 2D map with gmapping, that is very accurate even if my odometry data have drift for long periods. If I try to achieve the same map with octomap, I obtain good results, but because of the odometry errors, some wall are seen as "doubled", "overridden" or "tilted".

I would like to attach the octomap to the 2D map generated with gmapping, so that the 3D wall can adjust its position on the 2D wall found with octomap. Do you think it is possible?!

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answered 2019-12-18 06:55:29 -0600

ct2034 gravatar image

This would definitely be a good idea and it should be possible. But I think you have to write it yourself. I would be curious to see your results. Please post them here

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