Implementing nodelets

asked 2019-12-13 09:55:18 -0600

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I am trying to make a python linefollower script work with Kobuki base robot (kinetic, ubuntu 16.04) Right now I am strugling to find the right topic for publishing the movement messages. I tried it with /mobile_base/velocity but the bumper and wheel drop didn't work. So I wanted to use a topic that doesnt ignore the safety controller.

My idea was to implement yocs_velocity_smoother ( or the yocs_cmd_vel_mux ( But I don't know how to implement these nodes.

Or is there already a node that would work on the Kobuki base?

I am new to ROS, so my knwoledge is very limited. I'm sorry! I hope someone can help me! :)

Thank you very much in advance!!

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