Gmapping is working fine ,not amcl and Navigation,Robot goes to random position when destination is given, and does not stop ,any extra information can be uploaded

asked 2019-11-25 11:15:41 -0500

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Gmapping is running fine and generating the map
i will launch the gazebo model then the amcl (with map) then the move base and gives the 2_d nav goal in rviz then robot goes to random positions and doesnt stop moving the global planner and local planner shows the right path ,but robot doesn't move i am using my own urdf file also the move_base.launch runs only if gmapping.launch is running if it is closed then when the move_base.launch crashes saying can't get the initial pos of the robot the tf tree before closing the gmapping is and after the gmapping is closed is the rqt tree is as follows (in 2 image as it is a large image)

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