Basic obstacle protection

asked 2019-11-20 11:31:55 -0600

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Hi everyone, I'm new in ROS and I'd like to add a basic obstacle protection to the system. The robot is a mobile platform with its own guidance system and therefore I don't have any GlobalPlanner but I could get the points of the trajectory. Furthermore, I'd to add this protection also for a manual remote control. This prototype is intended to use outdoors so it relies on good quality GPS and IMU

What I have: Velodyne VLP-16 Obstacle detection is performed using some nodes from Autoware project (lidar_euclidean_cluster).

Robot geometry: inverse T and it can rotate in place.

What I want: Two zones: danger area (stop the robot) - warning area (reduce speed) Do not change trajectory, just reduce speed until zero if needed.

Could you point me the easiest or simplest way to accomplish this? I need to project robot's geometry in the future and check if a collision is detected. When the obstacle is gone, just resume. Is there any package that performs math calculation for me? At the moment, the trajectory generation is not integrated into ROS but in the future it would be nice to move everything to ROS, so if the solution is scalable, that would be a plus.

Thanks in advanced, Fernando

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