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Hi, I am using Falkolib for landmark extraction in a 2D environment. Currently I am using the testKeypointOC executable from the bin directory. I have changed the testKeypointOC.cpp file and the testData.cpp file slightly to accomodate my own laser readings. I am using a simulation in Gazebo to get the laser readings from a kinect mounted on a pioneer. In the testData.cpp I am adding my laser readings into the testRangesOrtho1 list. I have 640 readings from the kinect and hence I am changing the num of beams parameter to 640 in the testKeypointOC.cpp. Also changing the field of view to 0.977384 (it translates to 56 degrees which is the FOV for the kinect laser) in the same file and also the min angle to -0.513199985027( I got this value from the rostopic echo) . After all this, I am still getting the number of keypoints as 0 and hence no landmarks detected. Has anyone used the Falkolib in their project by modifying these values? Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much...

Regards, Karan Manghi

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