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bounding box filter for pointclouds?

asked 2019-11-07 17:36:43 -0600

PapaG gravatar image

Hi, I was looking at laser_filters package and was wondering if there was a similar package for point clouds? I have a 360 3D LIDAR and want to exclude my robot (inside a static box relative to the LIDAR) from the output I am going to use. Is there an existing package to plug and play with like laser_filters?

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answered 2019-11-08 01:10:36 -0600

gvdhoorn gravatar image

Yes, there is: see the nodelets in pcl_ros (and linked tutorials).

They can be a little confusing to get working, but as long as you keep in mind they are all nodelets (with input and output topics), it should not be too difficult.

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Asked: 2019-11-07 17:36:43 -0600

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