arduino robot arm with moveit

asked 2019-11-03 14:17:45 -0600

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I recently bought a 6 dof robot arm (7 servos), the servos have no feedback

I have built a somewhat accurate urdf (difficult since i measured it) and i plan to control the arm with rosserial commanding the servos.

Some questions:

What is the simplest approach?

Idea1: use ros control with JointTrajectory Controller and a hardware interface (i am not good in doing that), do i need to use async spinner in the hardware interface? do i also need position controllers for each joint?

Idea2: use ros control with gazebo and echo the joint states (since no feedback assume perfect execution)to my robot? This might be problematic since i want to mount the arm to a mobile base with a kinect that will not be in the gazebo simulation

Idea3: disregrad ros control (i dont realy need any features of ros control since simple servos) and implement an action server for followJointTrajectory that moveit requires and manually publish joint states for TF. I tried this approach but i couldn't get MoveSimple plugin (used to send the trajectories outside moveit simulation) to work, i could get the trajerctory points outside moveit and possibly send them to the robot but when i tried to send goals programmatically it said execution failed (havent p]ublish joint states though).

I am looking for a pain free approach to control a arduino robot arm this might be usefull to others, most implementation i saw used a gazebo simulation and send the jointstates to rosserial for execution but again what if you have a kinect outside of gazebo simulation?.

if you can provide ros control yaml files and launch files and the hardware interface executable would be ideal!

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