RVIZ Incorrectly Displaying PCL Types Other Than Points

asked 2019-10-28 11:23:20 -0500

majorpr13 gravatar image

Recently I updated to Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS Melodic (Full Install). When displaying a PC2 object the only style that actually renders is the points type. I specifically am using the PositionTransformation XYZ on the Z axis, ColorTransformation is the AxisColor, and have changed the size to incredible values that should have done something. There are no errors in the rviz launch terminal or the primary node terminal. If I select anything other than the points styling, dots appear where the object should be but are clearly not transformed into the required object. This code correctly functions in Kinetic/Ubuntu 16.04. I have also tried an additional forced install of both pcl and rviz packages. Anyone observe or seen this issue.

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