Rviz Turtlebot Roomba SLAM error [closed]

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Dear all,

I am using a roomba 500 series model with kinect (Turtlebot.eu version),in order to perform SLAM with ROS-electric and Linux 11.10 oneiric on both workstation-pc and turtlebot-laptop.

While I follow the tutorial in ROS.org, I get the following error in rviz under laser scanner parameter:

Transform [sender=/openni_manager] For frame [/camera_depth_frame]: Frame [/camera_depth_frame] does not exist.

I tried to change base and fixed frame values to something else, but again no luck.

Can you please let me know if anyone here faced the same error before?



P.S.: My camera node runs with no problem, and Kinect is powered up and normally. I have no problem at all to run the turtlebot follower tutorial, which makes use of Kinect and Roomba rover, runs smoothly.

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Tell us about the state of your TF tree; rosrun tf view_frames

Mac gravatar image Mac  ( 2012-07-10 10:56:25 -0600 )edit