Starting a ROS project which uses ORB-SLAM2

asked 2019-10-15 13:55:27 -0500

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Hey everyone, total newbie here. I'm in my final course for computer science and my assigned project is to create an application which will take camera data from a Remote unit, send it over Wi-Fi as a ROS topic, and display a generated point cloud from that camera data on a Base unit. As a clarification on what I mean by remote and base, the remote unit is an UP board, and the base unit is just a laptop. The camera itself is an Intel Realsense D435i. So far my group has been able to get our development environments set up with ROS and ORB-SLAM2, as well as running some of the ORB-SLAM2 examples. We're also able to connect both units to a ROS master (running on the base unit) and sent some basic messages, just text at this point. My role in the group is technically focused on the GUI portion, but I need to become more knowledgeable on how the whole system works together.

I started learning a bit about Qt as that is what we're encouraged to use for the GUI. I then found a library called rqt which looks like it utilizes Qt but with built-in functions for ROS, so I'm guessing this is what I should be using to create our GUI? I know this post is already long-winded, but I guess my question is, where the heck do we go from here? This is our groups first time working on a project of this scale, first time using ROS, first time using Qt, and we're all feeling pretty overwhelmed. Any pointers in the right direction would be great, thanks very much for reading.

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