ASV: Waypoint Following

asked 2019-10-11 09:11:01 -0600

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I'm working on a project with the goal of building an unmanned surface vessel. The vessel will be equipped with plenty of sensors (cameras, lidar, sonar, dvl, multiple gps). The platform is already capable of receiving course commands to drive in a certain direction. I would now want to gradually integrate the ROS navigation stack into the platform. The first step will be to implement a simple GPS waypoint following mechanism. I also need some safty features, for example preempting the waypoint following when the joystick is used. At a later time, other functions such as obstacle avoidance might be added.

I was looking into serveral ros packages, but I'm still a little confused which package to use and how I need to structure my software architecture. More precisly, I was looking into the actionlib tutorials ( and into the mbf_simple_nav node. However I couldnt find any examples or tutorials on how to use the latter.

I don't want to start with any costmap based global and local planning, because this is not needed at the moment. Could somebody please give me some hints on where to start and what packages to use?

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