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Obtain covariance of pose estimation from ORB-SLAM2

asked 2019-10-10 07:17:42 -0500

mmunster gravatar image

Hi there,

I am trying to fuse pose estimation data obtained from ORB-SLAM2 with IMU data using the robot_localization package.

However, this package requires the pose estimation to be provided according to the geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped message type. I know how to obtain the pose estimation from ORB-SLAM, is there a way to get the covariance that corresponds to this pose estimation?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the answer! In that case I'll indeed use trial and error.

mmunster gravatar image mmunster  ( 2019-10-10 08:51:26 -0500 )edit

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answered 2019-10-10 07:56:47 -0500

Choco93 gravatar image

ORB-SLAM doesn't provide covariance, for such case you will have to try hit and trial

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