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So i don't have any specific issue atm. but i want to find out few things and i guess that i'll ask them here. So I need to set up ros on Azure Windows VM.

That's brief description of what I mean; I have laptop with server on it with some IP. Then i have user using hardware with diffrent IP, and that hardware wants to connect to Server. On the other hand there is ROS setup on Azure. I know that's not perfect, that's only one of few diffrent solutions but i want to test that one too.

And here is bunch of thins i would like to ask you guys:

  • Will it work for me? I mean, Client and Server are in different networks and they can't "see" each other.

If it works, and i can connect client to server by using ROS on Azure as way they "talk" to each other, then i'll have one question:

  • Packages from client to server will go to azure servers first, or they will be sent directly to proper reciver w/o azure servers being involved. And by that i mean Azure, not ROS on azure itself.
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Please take some time to refine your question and ask again. There is not enough details in this as it's currently stated to be able to help you.

You are using "Client" and "Server" in a way that doesn't map to ROS primatives and is not clearly defined in your description. Similarly you're asking about "Azure" vs "ROS on azure" which the distinction is not clear, especially if you ask if it will go to "proper" receiver without defining proper or improper. A system diagram would be helpful with names, networks and other elements called out. Or at least a listing with names and configurations.

In general you need to provide enough details for us to fully understand your configuration to be able to answer your questions.

tfoote gravatar image tfoote  ( 2019-10-09 12:52:44 -0500 )edit