tf2_web_republisher TF_OLD_DATA error when replaying bag file

asked 2019-10-09 08:23:36 -0500

WhatWhat gravatar image

I am publishing through tf2_web_republisher a TF tree to the browser. for the first run everything works perfectly. However I am playing the bag file in a loop, so as soon as it restarts tf2_web_republisher starts showing this error:

Warning: TF_OLD_DATA ignoring data from the past for frame base_link at time 99.934 according to authority unknown_publisher

I looked around and one of the solutions was to publish an empty message to the /reset_time topic that i don't have. And the other one is to rosparam set use_sim_time true and then play the bag file with the --clock argument. But both of the above solutions do not work. How can I fix this ?

Thank you in advance !

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