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record 2 topics in 2 seperate bag files

asked 2019-09-19 03:54:02 -0600

nana gravatar image

Hello, I am using the next command to record one topic in a bag file

rosbag roecord -O /home/ubuntu/C.bag /topic1

now I want to record more than one topic in more than one bag file at the same time, I have used the next command but it does not work..

rosbag roecord -O /home/ubuntu/C1.bag /topic1 /home/ubuntu/C2.bag /topic2
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1 Answer

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answered 2019-09-19 04:23:00 -0600

Delb gravatar image

updated 2019-09-19 04:23:17 -0600

You just need to run the command rosbag record in two different terminals :

Terminal 1: rosbag record -o /home/ubuntu/C1.bag /topic1

Terminal 2: rosbag record -o /home/ubuntu/C2.bag /topic2

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