Turtlebot Indigo tutorial on Kinetic + Xenial

asked 2019-09-10 04:02:31 -0500

katzuv gravatar image

updated 2019-09-10 06:52:19 -0500

Hello, I have ROS Kinetic installed on Ubuntu Xenial. Is can't go through this tutorial my current build. Is there a way to go through this tutorial with my build? I don't really want to degrade my Ubuntu version, and from I have understood, ROS Indigo isn't supported on Ubuntu Xenial.


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Hello there,

Your question is hard to understand please attach a screenshot or code file for the problem you are facing

Adwait_Naik gravatar image Adwait_Naik  ( 2019-09-11 06:21:54 -0500 )edit