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How can I convert PWM values to velocity?

asked 2019-09-08 03:52:36 -0600

manish0718 gravatar image

i am a newbie in ROS ,I am using a two wheel configuration bot in which I was directly providing PWM values to both the motors. Now i want to do GMapping , for that I need to convert those PWM values to velocities. How can I do that?

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answered 2019-09-09 07:15:28 -0600

PWM values do not map to velocity, they will map (possibly non-linearly) to torque in your case. You could produce a rough approximation by measuring the distance travelled using different settings. The correct way of doing this is do add encoders to your wheels.

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After encoders are added, you will also end up needing PID controllers to correctly transform effort into velocity.

georgeknowlden gravatar image georgeknowlden  ( 2019-09-09 08:46:59 -0600 )edit

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