Launching both ROS2 nodes and ROS1 nodes from a single script

asked 2019-08-30 21:00:20 -0500

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updated 2019-08-30 23:47:54 -0500


I am predominately using ROS2 on my system, however, I require to still launch some legacy ROS1 nodes (I am not currently in a position to port them to ROS2). These nodes will communicate over ros1_bridge.

In terms of launching the ROS2 nodes I use ros2 launch in a dashing shell, and ROS1 nodes I use roslaunch in a separate melodic shell.

My system requires that the entire system (ROS1 nodes under melodic & ROS2 nodes under dashing) is launchable from a single script.

Is there a way that I can leverage the ROS2 launch system to also launch the conventional ROS1 nodes in a single launch script (or shell script)?

Many Thanks

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