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roscore killing on exit error

asked 2012-05-02 06:56:46 -0500

mte2010 gravatar image

I installed fuerte a few days ago and removed electric because I messed with something and wasn't running properly anymore.

Upon typing roscore, ROS seems to startup but then, I get an error message saying something along the lines of:

Error: could not contact master [http://ubuntu:11311] [master] killing on exit

I'd really appreciate some help with this. Thank you in advance.

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-05-03 05:50:19 -0500

Your environment variables are probably not set up correctly. Try:

export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://localhost:11311

You should also check that ROS_ROOT and ROS_PACKAGE_PATH are set up correctly for fuerte.

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