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RTABmap corrupted database

asked 2019-07-14 10:54:38 -0500

EdwardNur gravatar image

Everytime when I perfrom SLAM with RTABMAP, I get a map with some warning like:

Memory.cpp:1746::forget() Less signatures transferred (3) than added (4)! The working memory cannot decrease in size

But when I start the localization part (on a 2nd time), the database gets corrupted and I get this error everytime:

VWDictionary.cpp:616::addWordRef() Not found word

How can I fix it?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-07-15 14:03:48 -0500

matlabbe gravatar image

updated 2019-07-17 12:51:42 -0500


For the first warning, it is because memory management is enabled and for some reasons rtabmap cannot transfer enough locations to long-term memory to decrease Working Memory size. Unless you understand very well how memory management is done, I suggest to disable it while you are debugging the mapping. To do so, make sure parameter Rtabmap/TimeThr and Rtabmap/MemoryThr are 0 (by default they are 0).

For the error "VWDictionary.cpp:616::addWordRef() Not found word", it means the database has some data missing (because for example the database was not correctly closed). To repair the database, we have a tool called rtabmap-recovery:

$ rtabmap-recovery ~/.ros/rtabmap.db

To make sure the database is correctly saved, after doing ctrl-c on terminal that started rtabmap, you should see:

rtabmap: Saving database/long-term memory...done! (located at /home/user/.ros/rtabmap.db, 76 MB)


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@matlabbe so how can I properly close after finishing the SLAM?

EdwardNur gravatar image EdwardNur  ( 2019-07-15 15:59:54 -0500 )edit

I updated the answer

matlabbe gravatar image matlabbe  ( 2019-07-17 12:51:58 -0500 )edit

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