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How to launch rviz2 using urdf like urdf_tutorial of ROS1.

asked 2019-07-14 08:17:44 -0600

sumi gravatar image

Hello. I want to make my robot arm with to use urdf on ROS2. However, I can't find lanch file like urdf_tutorial of ROS1 and use rviz from command line with urdf. I know that ROS2's launch file is writen by python but urdf_tutorial of ROS1 is written by XML file. In addition, I know ROS2'launch is beta vertion. How do I do ?

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answered 2019-07-15 17:19:24 -0600

johnconn gravatar image

The urdf tutorial of ros1 gives you a node that let's you view your urdf file, yes?

I was able to view my urdf file by running rviz2:

ros2 run rviz2 rviz2

and then adding a RobotModel plugin, and setting the Description File variable to the path to my urdf file.

Then I saved off this .rviz file and launched rviz with it in the future with the command:

ros2 run rviz2 rviz2 -d path/to/urdf_file

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