How to put video stream on two PC with ROS ?

asked 2019-06-20 06:00:46 -0500

VivosLespagnos gravatar image

Hello, I'm French so sorry for my English (i do my best)

I'm in intership and it's the first time I use ROS and Unbunttu !

I want to display my video video stream from my embedded computer to the operator (fixed) computer, and i already suceed to display video strem from a little USB Logitech camera. However i don't understand how to put only one ROS environment between two computer. For the moment i have this in the end of my ".basrc", (i prefere write on my .bashrc rather than writting each time in comand)

// Same environment for the two computer



export ROS_IP=



export ROS_IP=

So if you have something for me, thx you

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What is your question exactly?

gvdhoorn gravatar imagegvdhoorn ( 2019-06-20 06:07:16 -0500 )edit

hello, in fact is ok, i will take time to explain later how i did and what was really the question. thank for u'r attention

VivosLespagnos gravatar imageVivosLespagnos ( 2019-07-03 08:59:22 -0500 )edit