Noisy base_link -> odom tf with LGSVL simulator, Autoware and gmapping

asked 2019-06-18 19:45:55 -0600

huberemanuel gravatar image

Firstly I couldn't see the tf transformation between base_link and odom frames, but when I run gmapping this transformation started to be published, but it turns out to be really noisy, making the slam_gmapping produce a bad map.

The topic /odom shows a small amount of error, that may be a clue to this noisy transformation, I'm not really convinced that it is since the odometry values for the stopped car are almost zero, something like 10^7 or 10^9, but the transformation creates a really big noise, for example, the relative position X value varies from 10 to 400 with the stopped car.

Something strange to me is that gmapping requires the base_link -> odom transformation, I haven't provided that, and still the gmapping node runs without errors and this required tf starts to be published.

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