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"Couldn't connect to joystick at /dev/input/js0" while joystick is at js1.

asked 2019-06-14 01:39:42 -0500

sajal gravatar image

I'm getting the above error while using the jetsoncar teleoperation package using joystick. "ls /dev/input" shows js0 even when there is no joystick connected. I have already set param for joynode at js1 and joy node is running fine.

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-06-17 20:03:08 -0500

cassini.huygens gravatar image

after you launched the nodes, rosparam get <js input="" name="" param=""> (use rosparam list to find it). It's possible that another node may set this param back to js0 which is a problem for you. Alternatively, you can set a fixed name for your device.</js>

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Asked: 2019-06-14 01:39:42 -0500

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