How to use command line to publish data on the gazebo simulation of NAO ?

asked 2019-05-27 01:51:14 -0600

bhavy gravatar image

I am using ros indigo on ubuntu 14.04 and want to make the NAO robot move manually by sending in the data from command line. something like rostopic pub -1 /cmd_vel geometry_msgs/Twist '{linear: {x: 1.0, y: 0.0, z: 0.0}, angular: {x: 0.0, y: 0.0, z: 0.0}}' but this doesn't work. I am able to see the robot move in gazebo when I use the Moveit plan and execute but I want to be able to send in data from command line and not any animation as i will be coding it for making the robot move in a certain way depending on the user's input.

P.s. - I am new to ROS and NAO so don't know much

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