Can Windows 7 box be refurbished with Ubuntu 16.04.4? [closed]

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Upgraded (overwrote) one of my Windows 8.1 OS machines to 1TB Ubuntu/ROS training box to run ROS Melodic on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Previously completing all Kenetic (and subsequent Melodic) basic training + sims. Passed Gazebo basics with successful sims, including Velodyne. Having more recent Unix experience would have helped.

Want to go back and load ROS/Gazebo robot sims that require legacy Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS/ROS Kenetic.

ROS Answers explained simply use a docker to continue on my training box (which I was/am about to do) when I received a donated, late-issued windows 7 quad-core box that works great, and certified for new life.

The hope is, I don't have to clutter my lab's Ubuntu 1TB 18.04 training/research box with a docker: Just run released Gazebo sims on a separate machine. My old Windows 7 box's system boot OS was boot-user-programmed to boot from USB stick, but after USB flashing lights (signaling a USB OS search was underway), software says no operating system found (on the blinking USB stick). Is Windows 7 that old? Was not W7 the standard non-Unix OS when ROS Kenetic was developed?

Would prefer not to upgrade or buy new lab computers until advanced robot sims are completed. Thank you in advance for your recommendations.

PS. Flash drive file: (“ubuntu-16.04.6-desktop-amd64.iso” was downloaded and ported to the USB before the attempt to upgrade Windows 7 quad-core box)


Actualitzem (sobreescrit) una de les màquines del sistema operatiu Windows 8.1 a la caixa de formació Ubuntu (deleted)

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This seems like a question about whether Ubuntu Xenial can be installed on certain types of computers. I understand the context in which you ask this (#q321438), but this particular question is not a ROS related question.

I'd suggest to ask it over at a forum like Ask Ubuntu.

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