Using C++ what is a good frame for setting up a ROSTest

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If your setting up a test where you send a message from the <test> node to the <node> is test and then you want the to get the results from the <node> back to <test> what kind of framework should you use to synchronize the exchange.

Startup and latched/unlatched topic creates an issue.

I see that in some example that I have found that sleep() seems to be the solution.

Does anyone have a general code framework to deal with these issues?

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Are you talking about waiting for the nodes and test to spawn and start publishing? To accommodate this I usually make a helper method that waits for topics to be ready with some timeout delay. The helper method returns True if everything is ready and False otherwise. For a publisher a topic being ready would mean that its getNumSubscribers() would return 1 or greater when the node had started subscribing. Likewise for a subscriber its getNumPublishers() would return 1 or greater when the other node was publishing. I use these to determine that the nodes are "ready", One simple way to use this is to add this waitForReady() method to the start of every test.

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