how can i take value from topic joy?

asked 2019-04-13 05:31:54 -0600 gravatar image

I want to take value of axes from topic Joy of Sensor_msgs to control robot by xbox360. How can I do?

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You need to run a joystick driver and use the messages the driver is publishing. Your question says nothing about what you want to use the joystick for. If you want to use the axes for /cmd_vel you will need to convert the outputs to /cmd_vel topic with some node.

For the driver joy will probably work for you.

To convert to cmd_vel you might use something like teleop_twist_joy.

If you want an actual answer, improve your question to ask an actual question.

Reamees gravatar imageReamees ( 2019-04-15 03:24:11 -0600 )edit