Controling a Gazebo simulation remotely

asked 2019-03-18 12:27:30 -0500

CamiloEsc gravatar image

So, I have a a robot named Kuka Youbot in Gazebo and with some plugins it works well in ROS Kinetic, I can publish with rostopic pub and the robot executes now I tried to use export ROS_IP and export ROS_MASTER_URI and I can connect to this master from a second PC that are connected in the same network so I export this ROS_IP too, this second PC has also ROS Kinetic, I can try a rostopic list and I see the same things that I have in my Principal PC, now the problem is that from my second PC I can publish but the robot doesn't execute the commands, when I publish from my second PC I can see that the publish is ok because I can check the state in my principal PC through a rostopic info in the node.

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