Turtlebot3 gets stuck on a corner when setting use_dijkstra=false

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Hi everyone, I am using turtlebot3 navigation package for simulation in Gazebo/RViz. When running the simulation using default Dijkstra as the global planner, the sim works just fine. However, when I set use_dijksta=false to change to default A* global planner, turtlebot (waffle) fails to turn corners (gets too close to walls) and gets stuck. The error I get is the following:

[ERROR] [1552024116.665152526, 76.355000000]: NO PATH! [ERROR] [1552024116.665218407, 76.355000000]: Failed to get a plan from potential when a legal potential was found. This shouldn't happen.

I have been trying to change some costmap parameters and see if that would make turtlebot stay a bit farther away from the wall to avoid getting stuck but I have not succeed. Any help would be greatly appreciate it.

Below are the parameters I have been playing with in the costmap_common_parms_waffle.yalm :

obstacle_range: 3.0

raytrace_range: 3.5

footprint: [[-0.205, -0.155], [-0.205, 0.155], [0.077, 0.155], [0.077, -0.155]]

#robot_radius: 0.17

inflation_radius: 1.0

cost_scaling_factor: 3.0

map_type: costmap

observation_sources: scan

scan: {sensor_frame: base_scan, data_type: LaserScan, topic: scan, marking: true, clearing: true}

Below is a pic where you can notice the robot gets too close to the wall because of the global planner path:

GViz Sim image

I am using Kinetic with Ubuntu 16.04

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Have you found an answer to this? I am encountering the same problem using the GlobalPlanner/use_dijkstra="false"

DenS gravatar image DenS  ( 2020-03-23 04:07:24 -0500 )edit