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Roslisp_Repl can't find package that is installed

asked 2019-03-06 08:00:19 -0600

mgao gravatar image

I am trying to follow this tutorial:

I have installed ros-kinetic-roslisp-utilities, but when I call roslisp_repl and type (roslisp-utilities:startup-ros), I get the following:

Package ROSLISP-UTILITIES does not exist.

  Line: 1, Column: 29, File-Position: 29

  Stream: #<SB-IMPL::STRING-INPUT-STREAM {10052457E3}>

 0: [RETRY] Retry SLIME REPL evaluation request.
 1: [*ABORT] Return to SLIME's top level.
 2: [ABORT] abort thread (#<THREAD "new-repl-thread" RUNNING {10053A5DD3}>)

I tried installing roslisp-common from source too, but same result. rospack list lists roslisp_utilities under the directory that it is installed in, so I assume that the package itself is installed just fine. But why can't roslisp-repl find it?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-03-06 08:30:37 -0600

gaya gravatar image


You need to first load the package before you can use it in a function call:

(ros-load:load-system "roslisp_utilities" :roslisp-utilities)

This is explained in the following tutorial:

Please note that the intermediate tutorials require more in-depth understanding of CRAM. Additionally, the tutorial that you picked is tagged with version v0.6.0, whereas the current version on the master branch is v0.7.0, so some parts of the tutorial might be outdated and might not work.

HTH, Gaya

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