Question about the people_tracking_filter (related to the leg_detector in the package "people")

asked 2019-02-27 21:02:30 -0500

Hanton Huang gravatar image

Hi, I'm recently trying to use the leg_detector and I have questions about the people_tracking_filter and I found this page: .

I know that the people_tracking_filter doesn't work because of the different types of message on the same topic "people_tracker_measurements". So does this means that the leg_detector is well enough without the people_tracking_filter, and people_tracking_filter is not needed any more? ( Actually I am not even sure what the people_tracking_filter does. I guess it makes the leg_detector works better by changing the way it pair legs. ) Or actually it would work better using people_tracking_filter if I try to fix this problem.

@David Lu

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