Is it viable to use MAVLink and MAVROS without a FCU? [closed]

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I am working on a project to build a rover that will be able to navigate to a beacon out in a small park. The current set up for this project is to have a Raspberry Pi running on the rover serving as a on-board controller and QGroundControl software running on a Linux Ubuntu laptop serving as the base station. I am NOT using a FCU because it exceeded the budget of the project and also because I am using a rover instead of a drone. The Pi and the base station will be communicating in serial through a radio frequency link.

I am planning to have the Raspberry Pi to handle the navigation and control of the rover, including sensors and motors, the Pi will be running ROS kinetic. I am planning to have the Pi talk to the base station via MAVLink, and use MAVROS to interface between the MAVLink messages and the ROS messages.

My question is: Can I use MAVLink and MAVROS for communication between my Pi and the base station? MAVROS assumes that I am working with a FCU and I am not sure if that is a hard requirement. Any input or suggestions are appreciated.

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