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Hello community need insight about indoor navigation.

asked 2019-02-02 08:43:01 -0500

OJA gravatar image

I am working on my final year project of which autonomous indoor navigation of a robot is apart of as of I have no clue how to accomplish this task. [Project specifics : Based on a trigger the robot must autonomously navigate to one room of total 3 rooms ]
I heard that ROS can be used to navigate autonomously and I am thinking to purchace a course on udemy (ROS for Beginners: Basics, Motion, and OpenCV) to learn about ROS . What I want to ask is that will the knowledge of ROS help me solve my problem of autonomous indoor navigation or should I be looking some where else ? I am sorry for asking such a vague question but my knowledge about robotics in general is limited and I am trying to improve it .

Thanks for looking into my question.

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answered 2019-02-03 01:34:19 -0500

billy gravatar image

Yes. ROS can assist with autonomous indoor navigation. A class is a good way to get started. ROS is super powerful and flexible, so of course is complicated and requires lots of time and patience.

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Asked: 2019-02-02 08:43:01 -0500

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