How to setup the config for robot_localization

asked 2019-02-01 15:18:38 -0500

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I am currently working on a robot car. The car publishes odom, but the orientation part is not very accurate. As you can see from the picture attached. The green dots is the trace of odometer reading, the red dots is the true robot location, calculated by a particle filter. The odom is based on a VESC. There is also an imu unit on the car, I am thinking fusing the imu and odom to get a better odometery reading.

A few people recommend the robot_localization package. I took a look, but not sure how to setup the configuration file, especially odom0_config and imu0_config matrix.

For my odom and imu, all elements of the covariance matrix are 0. What is the best settings for odom0_config and imu0_config matrix and other "important" parameters for robot_localization ROS package?

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