Using Arbotix instead of arduino

asked 2019-01-20 17:02:14 -0500

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I'm making a script that will read a ros message with positions for servo motors controlled by an arbotix-m microcontroller. I have tried running the script using

rosrun rosserial_python /dev/ttyUSB0

but ros keeps producing the following error:

[ERROR] [1548019628.781197]: Unable to sync with device; possible link problem or link software version mismatch such as hydro rosserial_python with groovy Arduino

Is there a way to set up ros on an arbotix so it can be used like an arduino?

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Which versions of ROS are you running?

jotator gravatar image jotator  ( 2019-01-21 02:23:35 -0500 )edit

Im using kinetic

Batman gravatar image Batman  ( 2019-01-21 16:49:35 -0500 )edit