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I have a problem with my robot arm when open with Rviz

asked 2019-01-03 20:28:41 -0600 gravatar image

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hello. I have a problem with my robot arm. In picture 1, i open my robot by Rviz when i convert my 3D arm in SolidWork to ROS by SW2URDF tool. But it is messy arranged unlike 3D files. In picture 2, when i choose FIX FRAME is BASE_LINK. its ok.but it isn enter the focus which have yellow color. in picture 3, i convert urdf file to dae file and open by MeshLap. The shape of robot arm is like picture 1. What is my problem? How to make my arm robot become unified block. The problem is in 3D file in SolidWork or in ROS...

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answered 2019-01-04 06:00:36 -0600

Everything that I can see happening is what we would expect.

In your first picture the fixed TF frame chosen in RVIZ "map" does not exist. Because of this RVIZ cannot work out where the links of the robot are so it shows them at the origin by default. This is why they appear jumbled up on top of each other.

As you've found out if you select the base_link (or any other link of the robot) this this will be fixed and you'll see your robot correctly in RVIZ. I'm not sure what you mean by

but it isn enter the focus which have yellow color

The yellow dot is simply the focal point of the camera, which can be dragged around with the mouse to change the view in RVIZ.

Finally regarding Meshlab as far as I know this will only open simple mesh dae files. A dae file with a kinematic structure will just be shown with each individual mesh at the origin similar to the original view in RVIZ. In fact how could it view the arm you haven't told it what joint positions it has?

Overall image two shows everything working correctly as we would expect. Hope this helps.

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