Debugging ROS with eclipse - with arguments

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Hi all, my goal is to be able to debug the project VINS-MONO ( ) in eclipse. to do so I've preformed the following steps:

  • install eclipse
  • follow instrunction in the eclipse section
  • create a debug project as instructed in
  • at this point everything compiled and seemed to work
  • separate my ROSlaunch file (which launches three nodes) into two separate files - one with the launch-prefix flag (this is the node I wish to debug) and the other two nodes
  • running in three different consoles: the rosbag, the two launch files
  • running the debug project in eclipse all of this seems to work but the eclipse is not stopping at any breakpoints I set (even thous after main()) and it seems that the eclipse is unaware to the rosbag data which starts every subscriber in the code

*after that I tried adding the arguments which appear in the launch file to the eclipse under run->debug-configuration->arguments. I just pasted them as they show on the launch file and it doesn't want to run the debug anymore (syntax error in arguments).

so my questions are these:

  • Am I doing something wrong or this is the proper way to debug ROS in eclipse?
  • How do I set the arguments in the eclipse if at all?
  • Why is it not working :( ?

Thank you for replying!

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