Indoor ros navigation

asked 2018-12-20 01:51:35 -0600

jamess gravatar image


I am trying to build navigation system. As a car i am using mit-racecar , scance sweep lidar , esc.

By using this repo i manage to run hector slam and lidar then i create a simple map of 1 room. Now I am trying to use amcl to locate my car in that room. this gazebo tutorial really work well in simulation and I am trying to convert it to the real world but i couldn't manage it yet. Amcl says that validate your /scan data , I checked it with rostopic echo /scan and it looks nice. I don't know how to use tf tree it may be the main cause . Also I as an odometry data i have vect to odom node . Do you know any tutorial or road map for doing this pipeline in real car ? I also followed this tutorial and not succed in.

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